Releasing past trauma in horses the natural way, to reduce anxiety

I feel like I have been neglecting horses recently on my blog, and as it’s anxiety month at Hoof To Tail Healing, lets talk anxiety.

There can be many different causes for anxiety in horses; pain, inexperience, past trauma, separation, sight issues, the weather, and even more! But the ones I have most experience with during therapy sessions are past trauma and separation. And I also have riding experience of general anxiety or spookiness, and impatience.

Anyone who has had any kind of traumatic experience themselves, will know that the brain can replay that experience at any opportunity even remotely related to the original event.

It is just the same for horses. Once they associate something with a negative experience, they will avoid it in the future. Basic self preservation, but it can make things difficult when you are riding, especially if their response if to rear, buck or bolt.

As I mentioned last week, I learnt early on that rider anxiety can travel down the reins. So if your horse acts dangerously in certain situations, you become nervous, and your nerves travel to the horse, and soon you in a negative loop of anxiety. Both making the other one worse.

This is where reiki and animal communication come into play. Reiki can help in two ways. It can reduce anxiety held in the body. Often the heart and solar plexus (stomach) chakras. Just think of what happens when you are a little anxious. Your heart races and you feel butterflies in your stomach. Balancing these two chakras will help your horse to relax and let go of the anxiety.

Working on Riaz’s solar plexus

Here comes the crazy bit! Reiki is an energy therapy, and energy isn’t bound by distance or time. So if you know the date of an accident or event that scared your horse, I can send Reiki back to that event. It won’t mean it didn’t happen, but it stops a past event from effecting your horse in the present and future.

While we are talking craziness, let’s move on to animal communication! It is amazing how powerful, just explaining what something is, can make a difference to a horse’s anxiety. An example will help here…

I had a communication session with a horse who was scared of tractors. And just explaining what they are – something people drive so they can deliver hay! And that they try and give horses as much room as possible, made a big difference. A little reassurance goes a long way. It is easy to forget that horses don’t know what things are the same way we do, and they can seem unpredictable. But breaking it down into a large moving object that makes a lot of noise, and rattles, and seems a lot closer than smaller vehicles like a car. You can quickly see how things become scary.

Understanding how a blue flower can be scary to a horse, however is a different matter! But you can’t win them all.

And the best part of both of the above techniques, is that I can help horses from afar as well as locally. All I need for a distance reiki or animal communication session is a photo so I can connect with the horse. It’s as simple as that.

If you have any other anxiety issues with your horse, that you would like me to cover, then do let me know. Or any other health or emotional issues.

In the meantime, when out riding, keep thinking those calming / reassuring thoughts, and you’ll earn your horse’s trust and build their confidence.


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I help animals to relax, rebalance and recover using Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Animal Massage, and Animal communication. I'm also passionate about using essential oils and crystals.

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