Adventures in equine acupressure and animal communication

I’ve only written one of my new style blogs, and already I’ve broken my promise of writing weekly!

So, here’s the excuses… It got a bit hectic at the end of last week at the office job, and planning for a fun dog show on Bank Holiday Sunday. But mainly, it was the heat! I know I shouldn’t complain, but it zaps my energy and concentration. But, you know, as it was only my second blog that was due, I’m sure not many of you missed it!

On Thursday, Riaz moved to a field full of lush grass. At the start of spring, this increased sugar levels in the grass made him a little foot sore, so I went up on Friday last week, and did a little acupressure to reduce any inflammation he may have developed. I was pleased to see he was looking fine, but balanced a few points just to be sure. Kidney 6 for general hoof health, Bladder 23 to benefit bone and marrow and Bladder 21 which helps the digestive system – another affect of being on lush grass.

Back to the fun dog show… A few people braved the heat and came to the Moo Do at Moo Haven Horse Rescue on Bank Holiday Sunday. We were in the indoor riding school, so thankfully out of the sun, with plenty of water for the dogs dotted around, but it was still pretty hot. I still got to chat to a few people though, about holistic therapies, and met some gorgeous hounds. And it was great to be able to support a brilliant charity that works so hard to help horses and ponies in need.

The highlight of this week was a hack out on Wednesday. On my last blog I mentioned I was struggling to get on Riaz in the school. I’ve done a little practice since then, but on Wednesday, we took a break from it, and went for a long hack on a different route than our usual plod round the estate.

Riaz striding out

I’d been thinking one of our problems was that he was getting bored with doing the same thing, and he certainly stepped up to the challenge. His field mate saw something scary and wouldn’t move forward, so Riaz lead the way past and continued to lead for the rest of the way. He was a bit tense at first, but soon settled, and we had some good sections of extended trot up hills. I think he actually enjoyed himself!

Happy staffy!

On the dog side of things. I had a great day on Friday doing animal communication. Our landlord had arranged for some workmen to some repairs in the house, and we were out, so I communicated to Beth what was happening, and that my parents would visit at lunch when the workmen had gone and take her for a walk. Beth used to have separation anxiety, so I didn’t want her to get stressed hearing strangers in the house. My work paid off, as she didn’t mess in the house with anxiety, and was her usual bouncy self when I returned home and while my parents were there.

I also did a pre therapy session communication with a dog I was seeing on Saturday. I had a chat with him about what he needed me to work on, and about the different body language humans and dogs use, as he tends to lunge at people walking by when he is out. That, and the work his owner has been with distraction in stressful situations, made a difference, and today he was able to greet me outside of his crate, showing off his new skills.

See you next week…

Hoof To Tail Healing

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I help animals to relax, rebalance and recover using Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Animal Massage, and Animal communication. I'm also passionate about using essential oils and crystals.

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