Top tips to help your dog keep their cool in the summer heat

It’s that one week of the year that we have super hot weather in the UK, so I’ve gathered together some top tips to help keep your dog as cool as a cucumber, while all us humans lose our heads!

There’s been the usual sharing on social media of stories about the dangers of dramatic actions to try and cool a dog that was already overheated, such as feeding ice cubes, and draping wet towels on a dog. But these tips are designed to keep your dog cool all day before they get to the point where they are over heated and at risk of shock, if then cooled too quickly.

  1. Set that alarm super early, so you can go for a walk before it gets too hot. Some mornings get warm pretty quickly, so maybe have an on lead walk so your dog takes a break from ball chasing. Humid weather can be energy sapping, especially for older dogs, or breeds like boxers and pugs with short noses.


2. It goes without saying, that there needs to be plenty of water around. Beth actually has three water bowls. One blue, one red and one yellow, so she can self select the vibration of the colour that she needs. Blue is calming, yellow aids digestion, and red is energising. When it is really hot, Beth tends to choose the red one more often than the others.

3. This is my least favourite tip… close the curtains. I hate to block out the beautiful sunlight, but it really helps to cool the room down!


Beth lying on her cooling mat reluctantly

4. I’ll admit that this tip may not work, but I actually spoke to someone today that has a dog that likes these, so the tip stays! Cool mats. Beth is not a fan, and I had to bribe her just to lie on this one for the photo! However, if your dog gets on with them, they can really cool them down.  And at this time of year, you should be able to get a bargain!

5. If a cooling mat isn’t your dog’s thing, the next best thing can be to wet a bandana or snood for your dog to wear. You’ll be surprised how quick it dries again!

Flowery bandana, perfect for summer

6. Not every dog will be happy with lying around indoors all day, so make sure you have some tricks you could train, or other tasks they can do to keep their brain occupied. You’ll be surprised by how much you can tire your dog out, just by making them think!

Beth loves her snuffle mat (pictured) and also has a kong bone which is a treat toy you put biscuits in each end. 

Do you have any tips on keeping your dog cool? I’d love to hear…

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