What to expect from a canine holistic therapy session with Hoof To Tail Healing

I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Hendrix recently, when I asked Emma Bibby Photograpy to do a photo shoot of a therapy session.

Hendrix crystal

I’m sure most people know what to expect from a canine massage, or a reiki session, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to share what to expect from a holistic therapy session from Hoof To Tail Healing.

Before the session

My therapy sessions start before I have even left the house. I connect with the dog I am going to meet, introduce myself, explain what their owner has asked me to help with, and ask if there is anything they would like me to focus on during the session later.

Animals are so in tune with what they need. Animal communication not only allows the animal to take control of their healing, but it also means that owners see quick results.

As Hendrix had anxiety issues, I asked if he needed any chakras or acupressure points balancing. He only needed some of his chakras balancing. So I dowsed to see if there were any holistic tools to help balance the chakras and reduce his anxiety. Four essential oils came up for him, orange, rosemary, rose and clove. And three crystals amethyst, red jasper and carnelian.

Hendrix essential oil sleeping

Finally I checked for detrimental energies. When people or animals have a high stress situation, it can leave them open to attachments from detrimental energies, which can make us feel low, anxious or ill. Detrimental energies can be in many forms, from issues in the ground such as ley lines, to negative energies in a house from previous occupants who argued a lot, and many more. (But that’s another potential blog post) Hendrix didn’t have a detrimental energies which needed resolving.

During the session

As this was our first session, I began with the essential oils, to start off nice and relaxed, and let Hendrix get to know me. He loved the essential oils! He’s very inquisitive, so was more than happy to have a good sniff of each oil. He favoured two essential oils over the others, and I made a note so Emma could get the oils if she wanted to continue to use them after the session.

The essential oils were only offered for inhalation to allow self selection, so Hendrix was free to move away when he had had enough.

Hendrix looking out window

With it being his first session, Hendrix was still a little wriggly once I started to balance the chakras with reiki, so I let him find a spot where he was happy. Dogs in particular move a lot more during therapy sessions. So I am more than used to sitting on the floor, next to them on a sofa, or a combination of both!

Once he began to feel the benefits, though, you could see him blinking more, and licking and chewing. And before long, he was lying down, fighting to keep his eyes open!

This is my favourite part. When I feel connected, and the energy is flowing, and I can see a relaxed dog, benefiting directly from what I am doing.

After the session

Hendrix root chakraI always give feedback to the owner, on what I find during the session, especially if I’ve been concentrating for a while, and not talking! Reactions to the reiki, such as feeling heat or tingling while balancing the chakras are common, so I know the energy is flowing.

I love to give advice on things owners can do to continue to the work, before the next session. For example, offering essential oils, or using apps for healing colour or sound.

The results

My second favourite part of my job, is hearing how the dog is getting on, after their therapy session.

Around a week after the session, I contacted Emma to see how Handrix was doing, and was pleased to hear he was more relaxed on his walks.


Would you like your dog to benefit from a combined therapy session using massage, reiki or acupressure depending on the issue they need help with?

Or have any questions about any of the therapies mentioned above?

Contact me for more information. I specialise in helping dogs with all kinds of anxiety, or age related issues such as arthritis.


Hoof To Tail Healing

Photos courtesy of Emma Bibby Photography

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I help animals to relax, rebalance and recover using Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Animal Massage, and Animal communication. I'm also passionate about using essential oils and crystals.

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