Is your dog in the Flow this Christmas?

My new Christmas Stress Busting Holistic Kit (see webshop, if you have missed my social media posts), got me thinking of other ways you can make sure your dog has a relaxed, happy Christmas. So I thought I would get another perspective to share with you.

Welcome to Caroline Spiritual Dog Trainer and Founder of Canine Flow, for her take on this stressful time of year, for both humans and dogs alike…

with foosa

In my 25 years of developing and using our dog training method Canine Flow I have seen the biggest changes in dogs and owners who both re-align themselves to be in the Flow at stressful times or periods of excitement.

Extra colours, lights, sounds, smells and human emotions of excitement, sadness or guilt can all play a role in your dog’s perception of the world around him at Christmas. These are all energies your dog will pick up on through their unique ways of sensing the world.

Your dog has the biggest heart per body mass of any animal. Subconscious emotions you feel around this time of year will also felt strongly your dog. This alone can impact their behaviours.

Top 3 ways for Getting Back in the Flow at Christmas time!

#1 Take your own time-out breathing deeply, meditating and re-balancing your emotions will have a huge impact on how your dog copes and feels over Christmas.

#2 Your dog must also have more opportunity to ground, which means to release their emotional flow at this time of year. This is so important for them.

Ways include:

🐾 Extra sniffing time on walks. Make it a ‘sniff’ not a walk. (take extra scarfs if your cold stopping hehe!)

🐾 Provide safe, non-grain-based chewing items. Your old shoe or sock stuffed with a toy is great as it means grounding on your scent too.

A raw chewing bone (marrow or rib bone deeding on your dog’s size)*

🐾 Observe their body for any extra tension accumulating and lightly massage it away for them.

Really, this idea of keeping your dog in the Flow physically and emotionally has to come first, before any command-based training. Your dog is never ‘in the wrong’, they simply need their emotional charge understood and released in a compassionate, safe way.

#3 Around this time of year your dog will need more space, much more processing time and a whole heap more understanding. If they are worried about something, be that a new item in the house or a visiting relative allow them the time out and an opportunity to ground their emotions through the methods above.

For more help, free Flow bringing gifts and support head to and discover a whole new, conscious way of transforming behaviours and simply being with your best canine friend.


I hope you all found the above helpful, thanks to Caroline for being my first ever guest blogger! Now you can all have a calm, relaxed Christmas with your dog.


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I help animals to relax, rebalance and recover using Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Animal Massage, and Animal communication. I'm also passionate about using essential oils and crystals.

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