How holistic therapies can help your dog’s arthritis, a case study approach

We all know that all dogs are different. They look different, sound different, behave different, the list could go on. And any illness, or emotional problem they have can also be different.  Because of this I do a free animal communication session before any therapy session, to see which therapies the dog needs for their specific symptoms.

Animal communicators often call themselves pet readers, pet psychics, or pet mediums. They are all very similar as all communicate with an animal, getting feedback and answers to questions in return. I prefer to call myself an animal communicator. The biggest way I have found I use it in my work is before a therapy session. Animals are much more in tune with what they need to heal themselves, than we are, and communicating with them also allows them to take control of the session.

I thought I would share a few case studies, to demonstrate the different ways dogs can need help with arthritis.

Firstly, though a little about the therapies I offer.


Reiki works by balancing the chakras which are energy wheels situated along the body. Each chakra relates to a particular area of the body and emotional issues, so by balancing the chakra, the symptoms are reduced, and the body heals itself.

Chakra positions on a dog


Similarly to Reiki, acupressure is about balancing the energy of meridians which each relate to particular areas of the body, emotions and health conditions. Along the meridians there are also acupoints which can be balanced. At over 2,000 acupoints, there really is a point for every health condition or emotional problem.



Massage is just as beneficial for animals as it is for us. It can reduce anxiety, ease tension in the muscles, increase circulation, increase mobility, improve issues in their gait, and increase range of motion.


I use these both in my therapy sessions, and with my own pets. Crystals each have their own properties to help with different health conditions and emotional problems, and can also balance chakras. For animals with arthritis, crystals can help by reducing inflammation, and providing pain relief.

I also make my own healing crystal collar charms for dogs, and have developed a collar charm which helps with joint pain. They are a great way to help your dog in between any other therapy session they are having.

Essential oils

Dogs love to use their noses, so essential oils are a great way you can help your dog to feel happier and healthier. There are a number of essential oils that have anti-inflammatory, and pain relieving properties, and they can ease muscular tension if your dog have compensatory issues.

I always offer essential oils for dogs as an inhalation only so they can self select and move away when they have had enough.

If you want to find out about using essentials oils with your dog, follow me on Instagram for my Thursday Therapy Tips, which I recommend essentials oils and explain their properties.

Red Light Therapy


Red light therapy is a great device for owners, as it has a timed dose, so you can’t go wrong with using it. And for long term health conditions like arthritis, it is a brilliant investment. I use it on my own horse who has arthritis in his neck. I used it every day at first, and now just do top ups when I think he is struggling, like in winter, or after harder work than normal.

It works on a cellular level, rejuvenating damaged cells, to speed up healing, reduce inflammation, and give pain relief. With repeated doses, the healing energy of the light can work through the surface level down to muscle and bone cells.

Below are some case studies, I thought people may find interesting to see the differences in each dog, and to demonstrate just how useful I find my little chats before face to face therapy sessions.

Case study 1 – Rocky

Rocky  The lovely Rocky has joint pain, and arthritis. I found the following therapies would help…

Massage – in shoulder and neck area to ease compensatory issues from putting more weight on his forelegs to take the pressure off his hind legs.

Acupressure points – Ba Hui, a master point for the entire hind quarters, including bones, joints and muscles. Conception Vessel 6, benefiting the chi energy of the body, increasing energy levels. Governing Vessel 14, Master point for all yang meridians, boosting the immune system. Stomach 44, a point used often for general arthritic conditions. Spleen 9, benefits the spleen and reduces pain.

Reiki – on hips for anti inflammatory properties and increase circulation.

Crystals – magnetic haematite on hips. I love to use these crystals to draw out any pain. It also balances the root chakra which relates to the hind quarters, spine, and joints.

Case study 2 – Kayla


Kayla is 7 years old, but has had arthritis since she was 5 months old, which just goes to show, it isn’t just seniors who can struggle with this. The therapies she would benefit from are…

Reiki – I found she has energy blocks around her elbows and wrists in her forelegs, which she would like Reiki for, directly on the joints.

She didn’t need any acupressure or massage.

Essential oils – rosemary and peppermint would help with inflammation and pain relief.

Crystals – The crystal blue lace agate would also help with inflammation as well, it is a lovely cooling, soothing crystal. Having some next to her shoulders would be really helpful.

Case study 3 – Jasper


Jasper has arthritis, and already benefits from regular massage to help. He said he really loves having these, he feels they really help.

Other therapies I found he would benefit from are as follows…

Acupressure – Ba Hui, which is a master point of the hind quarters, helping the joints, spine and muscles. Bladder 11, which relieves arthritic pain. Bladder 12, which disperses the chi energy and relieves cervical pain.

Essential oils – Frankincense, which I know he also is regularly offered. Juniper berry, which reduces pain in the joints and muscles.

Case study 4 – Poppy


This little cutie has arthritis and cruciate ligament issues. The therapies she would benefit are…

Massage – to build up strength in her muscles in her hindquarters.

Reiki – to balance the root and sacral chakras. The root chakra relates to the spine, hind quarters and joints of the hind legs. The sacral chakra relates to the pelvis and muscles of the lower back. Balancing the energies of the chakras allow the energy to flow clearly around the body, so the body can heal itself.

Red light therapy – to reduce inflammation and pain, and increase circulation.

And finally… I wanted to thank all the dog owners who offered to help with this blog, they were all lovely dogs who were happy to chat with me about their joint pain!

If you are reading this, and want to find out more information on any of the therapies above, or you are looking into therapies, and want to know which your dog needs, please contact me.


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I help animals to relax, rebalance and recover using Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Animal Massage, and Animal communication. I'm also passionate about using essential oils and crystals.

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