My 6 must haves for a Holistic First Aid Kit

A couple of years ago, I took a Canine First Aid course at a local vets, as the dogs I see are potentially unwell, it is good to have an awareness. Included with the course was a dog first aid kit with bandages, vet wrap, and the usual contents for an emergency. Thankfully it has all stayed neatly packed up, as I haven’t had any emergencies.

However, I have noticed that I have my own go to items that I use with my pets when issues arise. Not necessarily an emergency, maybe more of a TLC kit!


He was the inspiration for this blog post, as he has been a bit under the weather recently. He had an upset stomach and was off his food for a day. I put it down to his age (15), the heat, and the fact he goes around lots of houses begging for food. He was otherwise ok, so I planned a trip to the vet the next day if he didn’t perk up. In the meantime, I used the usual emergency plan for him – some reiki, and crystals.

I sent distance reiki while travelling on public transport to my office job. His throat, solar plexus, sacral and root chakras needed some work. When I got home I intuitively selected some crystals for these chakras and put them next to the relevant body areas while he was snoozing. A little later, I also gave reiki hands on. The next day he had picked up, and was meowing for food.

Essential oils aren’t recommended for cats, so I stick to acupressure, reiki and crystals.



A downside of being in a herd of horses, is that Riaz is always getting bitten. No doubt completely his own fault, and the result of some harmless play fighting. The only damage is some hair being pulled out, but I put cream on to keep the skin moisturised so it doesn’t dry and crack, attracting flies.

So my TLC kit items for Riaz is a pot of Amberley Aromatics Tea Tree, Neem and Manuka cream to aid healing and keeps flies away, and I also use my red light therapy device on the bites to encourage hair growth and speed up healing.


Another fan of crystals, is Beth. I like to do a chakra balance regularly for her for a general pick me up. Sometimes she will have a minor stomach upset, where she looks miserable and there is a lot of gurgling! I like to use colour therapy in the form of an app, I select yellow and lean it so the yellow is aimed towards her stomach. I also put a bottle of opened peppermint essential oil next to her. She soon feels back to normal!


So, my 6 items in my holistic First Aid Kit are reiki, crystals, red light therapy, tea tree manuka and neem cream, colour and essential oils.

Are there any items you use regularly that you recommend?

If you’d like more information on using any of the above first aid kit items with your pet, contact me for a no obligation chat.


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I help animals to relax, rebalance and recover using Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Animal Massage, and Animal communication. I'm also passionate about using essential oils and crystals.

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