Hoof To Tail Healing and Me

With my new recent website, I have a new blog too. My previous blog is lost on the never ending virtual world of the internet somewhere. But a change is as good as a rest, so they say!

So. As this is my first post, I thought I should start with a bit of an introduction of the person behind my little holistic business.

I had started to write about how my rescue staffy inspired me to train as a holistic therapist, but that is all on my About page on my website.

Instead, here is a little introduction to me…

I am addicted to learning. I planned on learning acupressure for animals originally, but when I saw massage, reiki, animal communication and myofascial release in action, I had to learn those too! Not just because they looked interesting, but it was when I saw the animals releasing, and benefiting so much. And I’m addicted to books. As a student, I used to spend hours browsing in Waterstones, and I’d always buy more before I’d read the ones from before. And I’ve had to ban myself from these free short courses you see, as it was taking me away from what I wanted to do with the business!

I also have an office job, part time. I fell into admin work after university as I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career. In the future I hope to reduce my hours even more, but I do like working in a team, and having colleagues to talk to, which is something I don’t have as a solopreneur!

At University, I studied English and Creative Writing. It wasn’t until I started blogging – firstly about my allotment, before I had a business – that I felt I was actually using my degree!

I love all things natural, and being in nature. Even before I discovered holistic therapies, I have always been interested in natural remedies, and using natural products. Steering away from chemicals as much as possible. As I mentioned above I had an allotment, but had to give it up as it was so time consuming alongside an office job, starting a business, and having a horse.

It is surprising how many little pockets of greenery you can find in a large city like Nottingham, and I try and find them when walking to my office job, and walking the dog.


The reason I took on a loan horse was to allow me to share more photos and information on my therapies for horses on social media! And fate led me to a horse with arthritis in his neck, and compensatory issues in his gait, which gave me lots to share an talk about. And he LOVES his therapies!


And finally, you know which therapies I offer. But what therapies do I use myself?

I can do reiki and acupressure on myself. But other than that, Beth and Riaz are my therapists! An hour at the stables, or a head tilt from Beth is the best tonic to any bad day, or stressful event. In contrast to spending time out in lovely nature. I also like a trip to the cinema for therapy. There have been a number of films when I have left the cinema feeling like a changed person. It’s difficult to explain why or how, so I just go with it!


So, now you’ve met me, and the team – Riaz and Beth. If you’d like to hear more from me, follow via the link. And feel free to comment, if you have any questions or requests for future blogs.

Sam x


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I help animals to relax, rebalance and recover using Acupressure, Animal Reiki, Animal Massage, and Animal communication. I'm also passionate about using essential oils and crystals.

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