What to expect from a canine holistic therapy session with Hoof To Tail Healing

I had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous Hendrix recently, when I asked Emma Bibby Photograpy to do a photo shoot of a therapy session.

Hendrix crystal

I’m sure most people know what to expect from a canine massage, or a reiki session, but I thought this would be a great opportunity to share what to expect from a holistic therapy session from Hoof To Tail Healing.

Before the session

My therapy sessions start before I have even left the house. I connect with the dog I am going to meet, introduce myself, explain what their owner has asked me to help with, and ask if there is anything they would like me to focus on during the session later.

Animals are so in tune with what they need. Animal communication not only allows the animal to take control of their healing, but it also means that owners see quick results.

As Hendrix had anxiety issues, I asked if he needed any chakras or acupressure points balancing. He only needed some of his chakras balancing. So I dowsed to see if there were any holistic tools to help balance the chakras and reduce his anxiety. Four essential oils came up for him, orange, rosemary, rose and clove. And three crystals amethyst, red jasper and carnelian.

Hendrix essential oil sleeping

Finally I checked for detrimental energies. When people or animals have a high stress situation, it can leave them open to attachments from detrimental energies, which can make us feel low, anxious or ill. Detrimental energies can be in many forms, from issues in the ground such as ley lines, to negative energies in a house from previous occupants who argued a lot, and many more. (But that’s another potential blog post) Hendrix didn’t have a detrimental energies which needed resolving.

During the session

As this was our first session, I began with the essential oils, to start off nice and relaxed, and let Hendrix get to know me. He loved the essential oils! He’s very inquisitive, so was more than happy to have a good sniff of each oil. He favoured two essential oils over the others, and I made a note so Emma could get the oils if she wanted to continue to use them after the session.

The essential oils were only offered for inhalation to allow self selection, so Hendrix was free to move away when he had had enough.

Hendrix looking out window

With it being his first session, Hendrix was still a little wriggly once I started to balance the chakras with reiki, so I let him find a spot where he was happy. Dogs in particular move a lot more during therapy sessions. So I am more than used to sitting on the floor, next to them on a sofa, or a combination of both!

Once he began to feel the benefits, though, you could see him blinking more, and licking and chewing. And before long, he was lying down, fighting to keep his eyes open!

This is my favourite part. When I feel connected, and the energy is flowing, and I can see a relaxed dog, benefiting directly from what I am doing.

After the session

Hendrix root chakraI always give feedback to the owner, on what I find during the session, especially if I’ve been concentrating for a while, and not talking! Reactions to the reiki, such as feeling heat or tingling while balancing the chakras are common, so I know the energy is flowing.

I love to give advice on things owners can do to continue to the work, before the next session. For example, offering essential oils, or using apps for healing colour or sound.

The results

My second favourite part of my job, is hearing how the dog is getting on, after their therapy session.

Around a week after the session, I contacted Emma to see how Handrix was doing, and was pleased to hear he was more relaxed on his walks.


Would you like your dog to benefit from a combined therapy session using massage, reiki or acupressure depending on the issue they need help with?

Or have any questions about any of the therapies mentioned above?

Contact me for more information. I specialise in helping dogs with all kinds of anxiety, or age related issues such as arthritis.


Hoof To Tail Healing

Photos courtesy of Emma Bibby Photography


Why you need to balance your dog’s heart chakra this Valentine’s Day.

February is the month of love! So I thought it only fitting to write a blog about the heart chakra. I often start a therapy session by balancing the heart chakra, as it is a great way to relax a dog.

Where is the heart chakra?


Not surprisingly, it is on the chest, but all chakras are situated on the front and back of the body, so it can also be balanced at the base of the neck.

Why balance any of the chakras?

Each of the seven chakras along the body relate to certain areas of the body, and emotions. When we are ill or have emotional problems, the corresponding chakra becomes out of balance. Balancing that chakra then reduces the symptoms you feel due to the illness and your body can begin to heal itself.

Which issues will the heart chakra help with?

Physical issues – all respiratory issues, heart and lung problems, issues with the front legs such as musclular tension and joint pain, joint issues in the paws, thymus gland problems such as low immune system.

Emotional issues – relationships with other dogs – particularly when a new dog enters the family, or if there has been past trauma, self control, grief, loneliness, harmony both with other animals and people.

How can you balance your dog’s chakra?

So, does it sound like your much loved dog needs a little balancing to help them to feel peaceful and happy?

There are so many different ways to do this. A therapist like myself, can use reiki which channels reiki to the chakra, balancing the energies, removing blockages or excesses, and allowing the body to heal itself. But there are so many ways you can do it yourself as well…

First pick a sense. Sight, sound, smell or touch.



Sight – a colour relates to each of the chakra, and green relates to the heart chakra. Check out the resources section on my website

Sound – certain sound waves also balance the chakras. The mantra Yam balances the heart chakra. To download an app that uses these sound waves, see the link above to my website. I love to listen to the sounds which balance the chakras, myself, as well!


Smell – rose, neroli, orange and lavender are just a few of the essential oils which can balance the heart chakra. If your dog has a particular issue, and you would like to use essentials to help, but don’t know which would be most effective, contact me for an in-depth consultation. Once you have the essential oil, they are so easy to use with your dog. Simply offer the essential oil bottle to your dog so they can self select, and move away when they have smelt the oil enough to benefit from the healing properties.

Touch – well, it’s barely touch, but still… healing crystals work with the vibration of the energies of the body, clearing blockages, absorbing negative energy from the body, and helping the energy to flow clearly around the body. I have chosen two crystals which both balance the heart chakra, to create two collar charms for dogs. The beauty of the collar charms is that they also hang directly over the area where the heart chakra is on your dog’s chest, the perfect place to have the full effect on the chakra!



Generally green crystals are the best to balance the heart chakra, so I have made a Valentine’s collar charm with malachite. This is a lovely protective crystal which also has properties to help with all the issues of the heart chakra mentioned above.


But I also couldn’t have a Valentine’s collar charm without using rose quartz. For one, it is pink, which shouts valentines a lot more than green crystals! But also, it is a beautiful nurturing, gentle crystal. It has very relaxing energies, and also helps with depression, bereavement and loneliness, it’s like being wrapped in a warm blanket!


So, why not treat your dog this Valentine’s day to a collar charm that not only looks pretty, but helps to reduce pain, ease muscular tension, helps with breathing problems, boosts the immune system, releases past trauma, and eases grief and depression.

What better valentine could your dog wish for?!

My Valentine’s collar charms are available for purchase on my website



Is your dog in the Flow this Christmas?

My new Christmas Stress Busting Holistic Kit (see webshop, if you have missed my social media posts), got me thinking of other ways you can make sure your dog has a relaxed, happy Christmas. So I thought I would get another perspective to share with you.

Welcome to Caroline Spiritual Dog Trainer and Founder of Canine Flow, for her take on this stressful time of year, for both humans and dogs alike…

with foosa

In my 25 years of developing and using our dog training method Canine Flow I have seen the biggest changes in dogs and owners who both re-align themselves to be in the Flow at stressful times or periods of excitement.

Extra colours, lights, sounds, smells and human emotions of excitement, sadness or guilt can all play a role in your dog’s perception of the world around him at Christmas. These are all energies your dog will pick up on through their unique ways of sensing the world.

Your dog has the biggest heart per body mass of any animal. Subconscious emotions you feel around this time of year will also felt strongly your dog. This alone can impact their behaviours.

Top 3 ways for Getting Back in the Flow at Christmas time!

#1 Take your own time-out breathing deeply, meditating and re-balancing your emotions will have a huge impact on how your dog copes and feels over Christmas.

#2 Your dog must also have more opportunity to ground, which means to release their emotional flow at this time of year. This is so important for them.

Ways include:

🐾 Extra sniffing time on walks. Make it a ‘sniff’ not a walk. (take extra scarfs if your cold stopping hehe!)

🐾 Provide safe, non-grain-based chewing items. Your old shoe or sock stuffed with a toy is great as it means grounding on your scent too.

A raw chewing bone (marrow or rib bone deeding on your dog’s size)*

🐾 Observe their body for any extra tension accumulating and lightly massage it away for them.

Really, this idea of keeping your dog in the Flow physically and emotionally has to come first, before any command-based training. Your dog is never ‘in the wrong’, they simply need their emotional charge understood and released in a compassionate, safe way.

#3 Around this time of year your dog will need more space, much more processing time and a whole heap more understanding. If they are worried about something, be that a new item in the house or a visiting relative allow them the time out and an opportunity to ground their emotions through the methods above.

For more help, free Flow bringing gifts and support head to .CanineFlow.com and discover a whole new, conscious way of transforming behaviours and simply being with your best canine friend.


I hope you all found the above helpful, thanks to Caroline for being my first ever guest blogger! Now you can all have a calm, relaxed Christmas with your dog.


Hoof To Tail Healing

Want to use essential oils with your dog, but don’t know where to start? I can help…

I love using essential oils with my staffy, Beth, and horse, Riaz. You can see instantly that the oil is benefiting them, and they are so easy to use, that I can recommend them to clients to use in between therapy sessions. Gone are the days where the only ways to use essential oils was to make a blend with a carrier oil, and lather it all over your skin!

So how should you use essential oils with animals?



I only offer essential oils on a self selection basis to animals. They are so in tune with what they need to feel well, that they will move away when they have had all they need from the oil.

Just hold the open bottle near enough for your dog to have a smell, but not so they lick the bottle.

Be patient, they may have a smell, move away or turn their head away and then come back after they have had a little break.


So as you can see, nodding off is a good indication that the essential oil is have a positive effect. Others include deep sighing, slow blinking, yawning, and a lot of nostril twitching!

There are so may essential oils, I decided to share my knowledge by creating a post every Thursday to recommend an essential oil with it’s fabulous properties. Sometimes I mix it up and mention a different type of holistic tips, but more often it is an essential oil. And if you think you may have missed some just search for my very own hashtag #thursdaytherapytips on Instagram.

Soon after starting Thursday Therapy Tips, I had a few requests of which essential oils people should buy for their dog. There are so many essential oils to choose from, and often 3 or 4 with the same kind of properties, but an in-depth discussion can find the exact one for the way the problem is effecting the individual dog. I loved to helping as I  gained me a real understanding of the problems the dog needed help with, as well as their personality, it’s such a privilege to be able to help them.

This gave me the idea for having aromatherapy consultations, and I have finally got round to creating it! So you and your lovely hound can benefit from my expert advice and knowledge. And you don’t have to waste money on essential oils with general properties that could help, but your dog literally turns their nose up at them!

What do you get?

  1. An in-depth discussion about your dog, relating to both their personality and the problem you both need solving.
  2. A leaflet explaining how to offer essential oils to your dog, safely and so they can self select.
  3. Two essential oils. Often there problems have more than one symptom, such as pain relief and inflammation for arthritis, so more than one essential oil will provide a holistic approach.And of course…
  4. A happier, healthier dog!


Why do I need to ask about their personality?

The essential oils are based on the Chinese five elements theory. The five elements Fire, Wind, Water, Air, and Wood relate to everything in the universe, including behaviours and personality traits. As well as illnesses, personality traits can show an excess or deficiency of a particular element in the dog, and therefore they need an essential oil to provide balance. Some water to put out the fire, if you will.

What kind of issues will this help with?

There are so many different essential oils, with so many fabulous properties, that it’s really too many to list. But here are a few things that dogs can struggle with, that I have helped with.

  • anxiety, this can be in many forms from separation anxiety, new situations, meeting other dogs, fireworks, busy areas like pubs and cafes, and more.
  • arthritis
  • digestive problems
  • speed up healing after an operation, pain relief

Do ask if your dog has an issue not on the list, I love a new challenge, and a chance to help another dog be more balanced!

Want to learn more?

Head over to my website for more information on how you can help your dog to be happier and healthier with the scent of beautiful essential oils!


And as always ask away if you need anything else.


Hoof To Tail Healing


Is your environment effecting you and your pet’s health and wellbeing?

I’ve been reminded of balance recently, in a yin / yang kind of way. As it is Halloween I’ve been thinking about the scary, gory, supernatural things I like, and think it provides a perfect balance to the caring, healing, quiet, gentle side of me!

And as Halloween is all about the spooky, freaky things, I thought I would share something I sometimes do as part of my therapy sessions which I often don’t shout about, as it can be seen as even more out there than my animal communication sessions! But, I find it fascinating, so I hope you will too.

When I was training as a Reiki master, one of the days was all about detrimental energies. And it really appealed to my darker, horror movie loving side…

What are detrimental energies?

The majority of detrimental energies are from geopathic stress occurring in the earth such as earth energy lines, and underground streams, and are absorbed by buildings. When we enter these buildings we can be effected by these energies.  But there can also be man made energies such as black magic, heavy metals, spirits and human-manifested energy forms. I told you it would get spooky!

Untitled design (4)

Now, you could go along in your life and not be affected by any of these detrimental energies, but the everyday stresses of life can make us more susceptible to them. I don’t look on them as causing physical harm, but they affect the energy flow of the body, which in turn can leave you feeling run down or low, and more likely to become physically ill with a reduced immune system. There are also people who are more sensitive to noticing changes in energies in different rooms and buildings, who would also feel the effects more than others.

What do they affect?

They can affect buildings and areas of land such as a stretch of road or a field, which then can affect people and animals when they are in that area. And there are also energies which stay with you all the time, also affecting both animals and humans.

Usually, although you may feel the effects, you probably wouldn’t realise what the cause is. Often people become effected by the energies after a time of high stress, such as a divorce or bullying, or prolonged illness can leave you vulnerable to energies having a bigger effect than normal.

For animals, being in kennels as a rescue could be a high enough stress situation, or for horses, moving yards. Areas with electricity pylons are often found to have detrimental energies in the earth, due to the high amount of energy from the pylon, and this can affect horses, and humans alike.

How do I use this in my therapy sessions?

As detrimental energies affect the energy flow in the body, it seemed an obvious check to add to my animal communication sessions. However, as I also do an animal communication session before any hands on session as well. I check every animal and human I see for any detrimental energies. Which sounds a bit weird I know! So to reassure you, checking involves me dowsing with a pendulum crystal, asking for yes / no answers.

Because of my fascination with the different energies and why they are there, I have checked the two houses I have lived in since I did my reiki master training.

I now always check hotel rooms if I am away. Detrimental energies can be caused by extreme emotions from people as well, so if the previous house occupants had a divorce and were constantly arguing, the negative energies can be absorbed in the building. The same goes for a death, or prolonged ill health. As so many different people stay in hotel rooms over the years, I always check the room for detrimental energies before I go in case I need to take any essential oils or crystals to balance the energies.

Which leads me nicely onto…

How do I balance the energies so they are no longer an issue?

Firstly, and most importantly, I dowse and ask if it is appropriate that I balance the energies. Not all detrimental energies are waiting around for me to help them, or if they are spirits, may not want to be moved on!

Then I dowse for a resolution. This can be anything from sending reiki to energetically move an earth line so it doesn’t go through a house, to cleansing the room with an essential oil, putting a crystal over a sink hole.


Case studies

One of my chickens started to peck at my feet and legs when I was cleaning the hutch out. I checked for detrimental energies and while grieving for one of the other chickens, a lower animal life form had attached to her. Some reiki soon separated the attachment, and balanced the chicken’s chakras so no other attachments could form.


I checked our cat, Smiley for detrimental energies earlier, and found he had a fractured soul. It sounds a lot worse than it is though! About a year ago, he had health problems that went on for a while, as the vet couldn’t find out the cause of the issues. We now know it is a thyroid problem, and it is managed with tablets, but his energies were obviously affected to allow the fractured soul. Although this sounds pretty bad, it is actually better explained as damage to the aura (a kind of energy field around the body) and in this case could be repaired using a lapis lazuli crystal.

Later I’ll be checking Beth’s room for detrimental energies, as she has started to wake us up in the early hours, which is definitely not like her. And once she is up, she will happily come and settle down in our room, but not her own. As we have recently been for a check up with the vets, and she was fine, it would seem it’s more of an emotional or energetic issue.


I hope you haven’t found this blog too long! There is so much more I could write on the subject.

If you’d like to know more about detrimental energies, I would highly recommend Heal Your Home by Adrian Incledon-Webber. I learnt so much from this book, and always refer back to it when I find a detrimental energy during one of my sessions.

If you think your house or pet, or even yourself, may be being effected by a detrimental energy. Feel free to contact me for a no obligation chat.





How anxiety affects the energies of the body in your dog

You are probably familiar with the usual symptoms of anxiety… barking, howling, unable to settle, soiling in the house etc.

But energetically, there will be chakras, acupoints and meridians out of balance, which means the energy can’t flow clearly around the body.


The crown chakra, situated on the top of the head, relates to mental health so can often become out of balance when there is anxiety. The third eye chakra, situated on a dog between their eyes, directly relates to anxiety.

As  both of the above chakras relate to the brain, it’s no surprise that they become out of balance when a dog is anxious. However, the solar plexus chakra, which is situated at the stomach relates to nervousness. I find a lot of dogs can hold anxiety in their stomach, and often need this chakra balancing.

Anxiety chakras

Acupoints and Meridians

Below are a number of common points which I use a lot to help with anxiety. No doubt there are others, but I tend to use animal communication before the session to see which points the dog needs balancing, and these are the ones requested most frequently.

Stomach 36 (St36) is calming for the mind, and also helps with digestive issues which can be caused by anxiety.

Ba Hui is a point I use a lot for physical issues in the hind legs, joints and spine, but is also a good calming point.

Governing Vessel 20 (GV20) can clear the brain and calms the mind.

I often balance Heart 7 (Ht7) and Pericardium 7 (Pe7) together, as they are a great combination, and are situated near each other – one on the inside of the leg and one on the outside. They have a number of uses, one of which is relaxation.

Kidney 27 (Ki27) is really useful for rescue dogs, as not only does it ease anxiety, but also helps with past trauma.


chakras for anxiety

So how can you reduce anxiety by re-balancing the energies?

I do holistic therapy sessions using reiki, acupressure and massage in the comfort of the dog’s own home to balance the chakras, and acupoints, and promote relaxation. Contact me for a no obligation free animal communication session to find the energy imbalances your dog has, and how they need balancing.

But if you don’t live near Nottingham, check out my resources page on my website, for ways you can help to balance the energies for a happier, healthier dog.  Or contact me for distance therapy sessions.




How holistic therapies can help your dog; part 2 – Back issues

Following on from last week’s post, I thought I would share some case studies of some other dogs who requested the type of therapies which would help them.

This time, the focus is on back issues, which are more commonly a problem for senior dogs, but also can affect younger dogs in some cases.

If you want to read more about the therapies I offer, check out my previous blog on arthritis. Today, I thought I’d give a little more information on the health conditions the dogs have, in case, like me, you weren’t familiar with them.


This is a degeneration problem of the spine, where bone spurs are develop on upper parts of the spine. This can result in pain and stiffness for the dog, and compensatory issues from moving differently.

Intervertebral Disc Degeneration (IVDD)

This is a degeneration of the discs in between the vertebra of the spine. This means the discs lose their usual shock absorbing qualities, and can in some cases cause spinal cord compression.

I am sure there are many other spine / back issues that dogs can have, but these are the ones that my case studies had been diagnosed with by a vet.

Case Study 1 – Noa


The lovely Noa, has spondylosis.
Surprisingly, I only found one therapy which she would benefit from. I asked about reiki, massage, acupressure, essential oils, crystals, and red light therapy. And acupressure was her preference.
I found an energy blockage around the shoulder area, probably from a compensatory issue from moving differently when she had been in pain.
A sweep of the bladder meridian would help Noa. It basically means following along the bladder meridian, and balancing any points that feel out of balance along the way. The bladder meridian has a number of points associated with other meridians, so can have an affect on a number of issues that may be happening in the body. There are also some points that relate to the back, and back pain.
Case Study 2 – Hebe
This happy smiley dog, has hip dysplasia and spondylosis.
When we had our chat, I found that Hebe would benefit from the following therapies…
Massage – to help with compensatory issues caused by holding her muscles tense to reduce pain in her joints.
Essential oils – to reduce inflammation, lavender, rosemary and basil. Essential oils should always be offered for inhalation only, and not put on the dog’s fur or skin.
Acupressure – Bladder 11, important point to help bones, and relieve arthritic pain. Spleen 6, boosts the immune system. Gall Bladder 34, strengthens the back and joints, benefits tendons, ligaments and muscles. Stomach 36, Boosts the immune system, benefits digestive system.
Case Study 3 – Huxley
HuxleyThe absolutely gorgeous Huxley, has IVDD which has been operated on previously.
I found he would benefit from…
Reiki – to balance his heart, sacral, and root chakra. The sacral chakra relates to the muscles in the lower back. The root chakra relates to the spine, hind quarters and bones and joints of the hind legs. The heart chakra relates to the lungs, immune system, respiration, and upper spine near the shoulder blades.
Red light therapy – this would be great on the scar tissue on his back. It will not only work on any scarring on the skin but also deeper into the tissue. It works by healing on a cellular level, on any damaged cells by surgery, and the body then heals itself.
Massage – this is great for increasing circulation in any muscles where there have been compensatory issues, and release any tension.
I had such fun communicating with the dogs for this blog. And want to thank their owners again, for being interested in finding out which therapies their dog wanted.
My favourite part of the job is being able to listen to the needs of a dog, and help in the way they need. I love the connection it gives.
I hope you have found my two blogs on case studies interesting. If you have any other issues you’d like me to blog about, or just need some advice on how holistic therapies could help your dog. Contact me for a no obligation chat.